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Ananda Marga Yoga Postures

The following asanas are prescribed according to individual needs by an Acarya, or trained teacher of Ananda Marga.  It is not recommended to practice them without specific guidance, in order to avoid risk of injury.

A prescription of asanas usually includes from 3 to maximum 6 of these postures adapted to the individual.  As asanas help to harmonize and regulate the glandular system, they can be used as a part of an overall holistic approach to preventative medicine, as well as complimenting treatments for various chronic physical conditions. In addition, psychic tendencies  such as excessive anger, fearfulness, arrogance, anxiety, depression, lethargy and dullness can gradually be transformed and brought into balance through the regular practice of specific asanas.

This chart is designed to aid those that have received a prescription of  yoga asanas to identify and remember their asanas:





3 Live Kiirtan Recordings!

Listen to live kiirtans, recorded during gatherings with hundreds of Ananda Marga meditators. Kiirtan is the chanting of sanskrit mantras that resonate with Divine Love. The mantra “Baba Nam Kevalam”  means “I am only calling out to my Beloved”.  It focuses and aligns heart and mind to that core of unconditional, Divine Love that vibrates in the essence of the entire  universe.

Singing kiirtan is such an amazing simple way to experience pure spiritual bliss. These recordings give a taste of how that bliss intensifies when many people gather together to sing, creating a powerful flow of minds all moving towards that same Divine Nucleus.

Samgha’cchadvam – Moving together

This ancient sanskrit mantra comes from the one of the oldest scriptures of humanity, the “Rk Veda”. For thousands of years, it has been sung by yogiis before starting collective meditation in order to harmonize everyone’s mind to flow in unison towards the Divine.




Let us move together, let us dance together, let us radiate the same thought-wave, let us come to know our minds together.
Let us share our wealth generously, without differentiation, like sages of the past, so that all may enjoy the universe.
Let our hopes be united, let our hearts be inseparable. Let our minds be as one mind, so that we live in harmony and become one with the Supreme.


Kaoshiiki: the most complete exercise ever


Kaoshiiki – a yoga dance!

I believe that Kaoshikii dance is one of the most complete, all-round workouts ever invented.  It is a rhythmic yogic dance, that uniquely combines a stretching of the spine in all directions while at the same time giving an aerobic workout to the heart.  The cross-lateral movements of the feet, which tap a toe behind the heel of the opposite foot, this crossing over the body’s center line,  are considered by authors such as Eric Jenson, who wrote “Brain Based Learning” to be connected to improved brain coordination and increased mental acuity.  At the same time, the arms are gracefully bending to the sides, forwards and backwards, open up the major meridians of the body, increasing circulation and energy flow. The forward bends are calming, while the backward bends are invigorating and energizing.

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